Thursday, February 13, 2014

Parents Taking Over Their Child's Art Projects-Let them do it themselves for goodness sakes!!!!

So I approach Valentine and all other art projects, like making their boxes and valentines, by letting them get messy and have fun. I don't give them direction and make it the elaborate one of the class. I just want them to be creative and know it is theirs, all theirs!!! Its not a competition, its a creative outlet that they can be proud of. 

Today I was in my youngest daughters class for her valentines day party and oh my some of these parents must have spent hours making it elaborate and perfectly placed. My kids were assigned to do it, not me, so I let them do whatever they want. Now sometimes they will need assistance with opening something or cutting and I am always more than happy to assist and be there to support them as a family project, but I won't do the work for them. Some of the kids made comments that their box looked stupid now. I told them they all did a great job and made a point to ask them if they did it all themselves and when they said yes I told them great job!!! 

It should be a bout fun, trying something new, be messy and creative, take pride in their work. I seriously don't have the time with 3 kids to worry about my kids  making the best art projects, but I do have enough time to watch them smile when they told me they did it all by themselves:)