Thursday, February 27, 2014

Even More Tips and Tricks I wish I knew Before Having Kids! Ha-For those requested this I hope you like it:)

Here is my latest set of Tips and Advice-Hope you like it and find it useful:)

82.  We have all been there our kids start to loose their teeth and your scrambling to find some cash! When our first daughter started to loose hers I went to the ATM and have "tooth fairy" money stashed so no more forgetting or rushing out in the night!!! You can grab other things and do the same-little trinkets and such

83. To keep lunches fun I use cookie cutters for their sandwiches, cheese, meat anything that will work. They love it and other moms come up to me and say thanks now I have to do it:)

84. And addition to that I love to leave "love notes' in their lunch bags-sometimes a poem, or fill in the blank or just an encouraging note

85. Counting needs to fun and hands on for your child to understand-so we used pretzel sticks an animal crackers-=they loved to eat them when we subtracted:)

86. Other fun uses for cookie cutters-playdough!

87. Play dough-we love to make the homemade kind and add food coloring, a liquid spice for scent and glitter for the sparkle. They can help make it!

88. Dips can be a great way to introduce certain foods, like veggies or fruits, crackers, whatever you think will work! Try to make it fun and their mind more off of the idea they don't even like it!

89. Speaking of...try not to say in front of your child that you don't like the food-let them figure it out instead not trying based on your opinion. Now that my kids are older I can say that without them not wanting to try it.

90. School projects are for kids with guidance needed from parents-not a competition who s is better than who's-teach them to be proud of their work and teachers always know when the student did it or the parents>>>i know this from being in the class

91. When your child starts to understand kind words and hurtful words show them what I call the crinkle heart note. Again this is visual and smaller ones can grasp-Cut heart out of any paper and ask them to tell you hurtful words-each time you will crunch it up a bit and say thats how you make their heart feel. Then on the back have them say kind words and un crinkle it showing them how their heart feels better and more full

92. So at bath time our girls love to play kitchen-so I put an extra plastic tea pot, spoons, cups, plates and fake food and they will sit in their for an hour-I love it!

93. Also have 2 very girlie girls that love hair accessories-I always keep extra pony tail holders and a brush in the car (ponies in my purse as well) and downstairs in the kitchen for mornings we are running behind or one breaks! Huge time savor!

94. Keeping their rooms clean was always a daily activity-try to make it fun by shooting baskets, or organize by colors, or tell stories before they return to the castle. My girls 5 and 7 love to organize and the 5yr olds room is always spotless! My 7yr old on saturday mornings will dump everything out just to re organize. I made it more fun instead of a dreadful chore

95. Looking people in the eye when talking is so important, and respectful. At a young age I always told them to look my and others in the eyes and now its automatic. Now their older and I explain it helps us become better listeners and show appreciation for others words

96. I am strict on manners-if they don't say please they will wait until they do and thank you same way-nothing else until said. We still work on that but they get better as they get older. So we bought some manner cards and that was all it took for them to see it as a game and that visual aid where they can see their expressions and affected them. They still do them for fun

97. Lice is always an ongoing issue no matter your status. Best way is for kids with longer hair to put up in ponies or however you like. After we spent 6hrs and $700 for treatment was all reason I needed! Kids can't help but hug each other and they jump onto clean hair.

98. Selling-when kids are selling something for an association please have them do this themselves-of course with your supervision. I will stand back a bit and have them knock on the door, say their name and tell them what exactly they are selling. Great practice for communication skills-and always say thanks when the place the order and when you bring them back their orders. Our son know in college is very good at communication skills-he was always invited to the adults activities because he could hold and interact with the conversation-and was always polite.

99. Going to the doctors or dentist can be frightening-I would use their stuff animals and we would play doctor on them so they could see what was going to happen-my kids hardly ever cried even for their shots and was able to sit pretty still.

100. Kids have awesome imaginations-we like to use cheap things around the house like lawn chairs, buckets, watering cans, and make a house to take care of. Also we loved to bring their kitchen set and table and chair set on the deck on nice days to switch it up!