Friday, February 7, 2014

More Tips and Advise-Wish I knew these before I had my kids! Would have helped me!

This is my second set of tips. These may be small or even known already, but maybe there is another part of it you didn't think about. Its great to share information. I come from a very diverse perspective. I was or am:
1. Single mom
2. Young teenage mom
3. Married and Divorced mom
4. Mom of two under two mom
6. Blended families mom
So I can relate to most peoples struggles and situations. Its important that we really listen to one another without judgement and offer support.

61. Kids always love to help around the house, even if you don't! Ha! When I am cleaning and I will give them their own cloth and spray it with a safe cleaner of course and let them go at. May not be perfect but they feel good to contribute.

62. With 3 kids I spent a lot of time at the beach and parks. I carry a large mesh bag that holds all our sand stuff and can shake everything out instead of collecting bottom of a tote bag.

63. Then I kept a garbage bag in the trunk and threw it in there to prevent sand from going everywhere!

64. I always keep an extra towel in my car to wipe off those dirty feet! Hate marks on the back of my seat.

65.  Staying in their beds-Yes this is simple but really it was the only thing that worked for me-I would just keep walking them back no matter how many times or crying. If repeated enough they will get it. Most of us give up though before that happens because we are so sleep deprived.

66. When getting my toddlers out of the car in the parking lot it was always stressful. I developed a rule they had to have 1 hand touching the car at all times. I told them to put their "Superglue" on and stick! Making anything out a game usually works!

67. Auqadoodle Mats were great. If I was in the kitchen I would lay it down next to me so I could watch them-and only water in the pen so not messy. We would make big tic-tac-to board. which larger squares made it easier for them to draw the x or o all by themselves.

68. Laundry  is that inevitable chore most of us loath, except me I actually find it relaxing! My mom told me a long time ago if you did one load everyday you wouldn't spend your weekends doing laundry. She was right. Throw a load in first thing in the morning, put in dryer afternoon or after work then when kids go to bed turn on a show and fold! I have friends that dedicate sat or sun and I rather have more free time!!!

69. Halo Sleep Sacks were the best! Just a onesie and zip that baby up! Those little, fragile limbs move a mile a minute so that made it way easier for changing, leaving the difficult cute ones for when you go out.

70. Another of course one, but one that always saved me was always have a snack stashed in your purse for long lines or waiting for a table.

71. Babys first birthday cake is fun but messy. I would throw an extra large trash bag and put under the highchair so after they were done made super easy cleanup, well the floor anyway:)

72. Water noodles are very versatile. ON a rainy day we would bring them inside and line them up side to side and grab plastic water bottles and a ball and play indoor bowling.

73. Strollers are great, but sometimes hard to maneuver. I loved my front and back one while my friend hated her side to side one. We would be in s a store and she couldn't fit through the isles! Even some doorways were super tricky.

74. Another rainy day activity to keep busy, we would bring outside in! Our girls loved to use their sidewalk chalk and draw on construction paper. It makes really bright colors.

75. I always had 2 pairs of extra socks in my car for those McDonald or play area places. After having to buy them a few times it finally hit me!

76. Easy craft is making homemade crayons. I bought some silicone cups in hearts, flowers and all different kinds and they would make them for their friends, or put in goody bags.

77. Sorting through seasonal items is challenging. When putting away the seasonal shoes, mittens, hats and scarfs, I would use a rubber band to tie the pairs together, or if one of us has 3 hats for instance put those together. Saves time sorting through them when time ti get them out.

78. Hanging plastic jewelry bags have been a godsend for a mother of 2 super girlie girls with a hundred different ponytail holders and barrettes. So sort them out and put matching ones, sets, or same color in all the different pouches. Now instead of taking 10 minutes to find the ones they want they get them right away. We have ours hanging on the door rack in their bathroom.

79. When they were working on fine motor skills, especially cutting, I would just have them cut out tons of things from magazines, or just draw lines on plain paper.

80. We have 1 daughter that is Left Handed, so after struggling to teach her writing or even cutting, I am Right Handed, I learned to sit across from her instead of side by side. They learn easier if they are mirroring you.