Friday, May 2, 2014

Children Now Expect Praises and Clapping After Every Little Thing!!

So I have 3 children that I always support and encourage, but the other day when my older daughter who is 7 did this dance move and I told her good job. She then looked at me and said, "Mom you didn't clap for me?" It made me realize that kids now of days expect praises and claps for every little thing.

I love my children very much and provide a very positive and nurturing environment, but realized I may have gone overboard. I want them to always try their best while we support them and tell them good job when warranted, but what about when they don't do so hot? If we clap at every little thing, when they are older how will learn to take criticism, work harder because they could do a better job? Sometimes I find it hard not to offer my praise, but to what limit? I want them to have a healthy outlook and work hard for what they get. I want them to be resilient and appreciative. I want them to think about not only themselves and continue to be good citizens and support their community.

So if my daughter does something like miss a ball I will tell her that it was a good try and keep trying. Then when she actually hits the ball it certainly calls for celebration. But should I do it for every little dance, twirl, catch, hit, and so on. Im staring to think no, but how do I handle telling her the truth in a positive way without crushing her? To my point I think it will be good for her to instead of clapping at every little thing instead tell her she is doing a good job and to keep trying. If the next time she asks me why I didn't clap I will simply tell her every little thing doesn't deserve a clap but it does deserve encouragement and pride.